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We the people of Washington state request your undivided attention to the details pertaining to all activities with cannabis processing and grows in residential zoned neighborhoods. The illegal and crime markets are funneling money to members of criminal cartels with anti American sentiment. These same gangs are determined to undermine and dismantle the American law enforcement on all levels.

Team with special counsel  to examine content from the raid on the real property located at King County Parcel 531610-0400. 


In addition, review the sales and conduct at the Tukwila Trading Company that led to the injuries to Kevin R. Pegues in June 2009.

Urgent request from the People of Washington state:


We the People of Washington state request that the bureau special agent provide a complete true and correct status update as it relates to the Kevin R. Pegues shooting incident from June 2009.


Include, but not limited to, all records and communications assembled during the Laura Laughlin tenure and Frank Montoya Jr. tenure and Special Agent in charge Jay S. Tabb Jr.


The Seattle Division Federal Bureau of Investigation maintained a color of law review and the People of Washington state request a status update on this review.



We the People of Washington state request priority special investigation into the security of the phone fax number at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Lincoln Building in Seattle, WA. specifically, the Phone Fax Line 206-262-2587. The security on this Phone Fax Line 206-262-2587 has been tested and failed to meet standard security.








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We Thank All Citizens Making Sacrifices To Keep Equity And Healthy Competition Within Our Great United States.

Cannabis Crime Not Next Door





The Marijuana Eradication Program (MEP) is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and managed by the Washington State Patrol.

The emphasis of this program is to consolidate the efforts of federal, state, and local enforcement agencies to eradicate marijuana-growing operations within the state of Washington.

This program needs your assistance to be successful.

The MEP Hotline receives and monitors anonymous information from concerned citizens regarding marijuana-growing operations. This information is sent to an enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of the reported marijuana grow for action.


DEA: 206-553-5443


Call Washington State Patrol

for tips related to all illegal cannabis grow businesses in residential zones.


These cannabis grows are not  licensed and are a hazard to national health safety and security.







Family BBQ


Vintage Washington Priorty meet


"Let's walk with our neighbors"


Kickoff Sunday


Community Coffee

Candidates Debate


Food Drive

Luther Burbank, Mercer Island January 2-3, 2016

& December 31, 2017


Thank you everyone for your contributing to the Bridge Hunger Food Drive at Luther Burbank Park. Saturday and Sunday was near perfect weather. A total of 530+ 605 pounds of assorted variety foods will help those in need.

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