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Washington state and Colorado have led the move toward legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational use. The problem with the suppliers growing this marijuana is with the highly propagandized promise made to tax the product. The reality is that the majority of the product is coming from single family homes scattered around the state used exclusively for growing marijuana. The home owners often bypass power meters and water meters in order to remain undetected. This grow model is near impossible to detect unless there is an overload on the electrical transformer and the fire department is called. The money being exchanged under these types of business models is not being taxed because it cannot in all probability be traced. Consequently, the dirty money is also a threat to the country in some instances as it has a direct conduit to terrorist organizations like ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).


We have heard the term "tough on terror" this was a strong term during the fight following 911 against al-Qaeda and its move to strengthen sharia and lead a global jihad to build the caliphate in Iraq. Today, we are faced with less of a threat from al-Qaeda but now we are faced with al-shabaab and the ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). In both terror organizations the common thread is to inflict fear in all Christians or anyone that does not prescribe to its sharia law and dysfunction.


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" and I take pride in using that quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt helping to end the great depression and get the American workforce productive again.


I will ensure that our national defense has trained the best and brightest to lead missions to remove these threats and keep our missions covert as they were meant to be. Cell phone technology is a real threat as the digital interception devices have become so easy to get by most anyone. Prior to Boeing acquiring the Utica Systems and its Digital Signal Processing, the market and its range of product was relatively unknown.


Utica Systems, Inc was founded in 1980 in Fredrick, Maryland, to produce devices for what was called the “Communications Surveillance Community”. The company developed a solid reputation for communication equipment based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP).


In October 1997, the company adopted a new name, Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. and moved to a new plant location in Germantown. The company was purchased by Boeing in December 2008 and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing and its US military division and continues to be a key supplier in the growing market.


In 2010, Boeing also acquired Argon ST and combined with Digital Receiver Technology, Inc. which created a competitive advantage globally. 


It is easy to predict how controversial this topic will become with the emails that were used by Hillary Clinton in a personal email account while acting as secretary of state. The question should be asked, why didn't the Department of Homeland Security or State prohibit this activity in the beginning?  Most likely because other agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation have no way of getting its information but through high tech companies that develop the technology. The FBI purchases information from Microsoft on a regular basis, on anybody, regarding personal email, specific to emails and phone data transmissions through MSN, Hotmail, and Outlook.  




Currently, the Department of Homeland Security has a serious problem with the ways and means of controlling funding by the terror organizations. There are known terror training organizations in the United States and the police departments cannot shut them down without probable cause. The risks of letting the problems resolve on its own has proven to be a flaw in reasoning and the consequences have proven fatal against our own citizens.


I will shut off the conduit of funding from sources like the marijuana grow homes that are the potential and likely current source for funding these terror groups. Washington state and Colorado have a great threat for future terror incidents based with the business models that are using single family homes to grow marijuana. The homes provide an ideal environment for controlling temperature thus prividing unhindered harvest cycles. The home owners usually live in another city and use the grow home exclusively for marijuana production. The grow home is undetected due to the theft of power as the power meters are bypassed. All revenue is tax free and undetected. 


"We believe it's critically important that government officials and agencies be held accountable to the voters," said AP's general counsel, Karen Kaiser in regard to Hillary Clinton's emails. "After careful deliberation and exhausting our other options, The Associated Press is taking the necessary legal steps to gain access to these important documents, which will shed light on actions by the State Department and former Secretary Clinton, a presumptive 2016 presidential candidate, during some of the most significant issues of our time," said Karen Kaiser, AP's general counsel.    







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