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"To have the opportunity to serve a community and country is a tradition that I have been fortunate to be part of. The care started with the early pioneers and developed from a small town to a major industrial area. Farmers of the City of Kent,  where my great grandparents settled,  became involved in service and ambition with all families to maintain a path of ongoing stewardship within the Kent Valley. There was much work to be done then in order to bring the continuous bounty during the agricultural period for the people. The land uses changed with the coming generations and demand for new industry like Boeing resulted in the need for flood control and the construction of the Howard Hanson Dam at the head waters of the Green River. The actions with the construction of flood control redefined the make and value of the land within the entire region. I am inspired by the hard work and tenacity of so many that have called this place their home and frontier beyond the small town.  Today, I call this fine place my home and I too declare that there is much work to be done."



The much debated Common Core that is sweeping the country should not be feared. However it should not be used exclusively. The success of our public schools is not defined entirely by one method of learning.  



The home market is a driver for the overall health of this economy and keeping the market moving with interest rates at a level where it offers incentive for investing in real property..


Reaching out to those in need of housing and finding options that are reasonable and healthy for the homeless will also be my top priority.  


With the newly created mandatory health care in America, I will make mandatory advocacy my priority for all vulnerable insured and underinsured now that the Affordable Healthcare Act has been implemented throughout the United States. There is no reason for having good people being treated poorly when  the health insurance has been mandated to the people. This is why it is my goal to create mandatory advocacy on the same level of importance for all vulnerable citizens in need of healthcare.  

When a medical mistake is not properly reported and addressed in a timely manner, the temptation for delaying the important records by the medical professional will in all probability cause further injury or loss of life.

One of the important illustrations can be found in case law of medical errors not being handled properly. see  case 13-489. 





I have been asked what my position is on abortion since the ruling roe v. wade?  I would encourage a woman faced with the decision to have the child and try in every way possible to nurture the new life.  I have always moved to bring life and nurture and discourage the idea of ending a promising life. Mothers are the strength of our nation and we have an obligation to every mother. Will this attitude bring a population increase beyond our capacity to provide for the life? No. Will this attitude result in a mandate one child policy like China? No


The sanctity of life is not a partisan issue, it is a global value strong in all states and nations.




Sustainability is a word most commonly used when we are focused on environmental issues in America. Being a steward of our land and open space is part of being a well connected owner of property. We are the leader in consumption and we are leaders of recycling programs that teach the community many important understandings into smart uses of materials. New industries have evolved as a result of the advancement of recycling and we can highlight the advancement in plastic lumber products that have come out of the plastic bottle recycle programs. I will offer incentives to promote success in recycling from the little stepe we take as responsible citizens so we can all know what it is like to do right in smart recycling..    


​Seattle wood carver, John T. Williams was gunned down by Seattle police which precipitated a Federal investigation by the DOJ for excessive force by police. The officer stated he was fearful for his life and the wood carver would not put down his knife. The Seattle police officer, Ian Birk, was not charged in a criminal manner for his taking the life of an innocent man. He did get fired after the City of Seattle Police department was found to have used excessive force and paid the Williams family a settlement amount for the loss of John T. Williams. However, the loss of an iconic Seattle wood carver is the ultimate loss for our community.


Another example of police officers acting on fear rather than good practice can be seen in the shooting incident of Kevin Pegues, a known user of marijuana, also carrying a knife and was chased from a Tukwila grocery store for allegedly stealing a ball worth approximately $2.00. Mr. Pegues claims that he paid for the ball in full and evidence has shown that to be true. Mr. Pegues was using marijuana on June 15, 2009. Following the shooting of Mr. Pegues by Tukwila Police Detective James Seese, evidence shows that he had possession of marijuana and was treated at Harborview trauma center for gun shot wounds to his back. Mr. Pegues was accused of stabbing the Tukwila police dog, Gino, and claims were made that it was Detective James Seese’ justification for shooting Mr. Pegues. However, evidence shows that Mr. Pegues did not stab, Gino and that he had tossed his knife far out of reach prior to being tased. The most detailed dash cam video is missing from the King County Court exhibit room in Seattle and was likely not introduced as evidence. The evidence is missing and likely will result in obstruction of justice for all those who acted in this crime and cover-up. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting a color of law review on this case for civil rights and white collar crime. USC 1985. The full forensic review was conducted by Regis Costello, Robert T. Sandor and Lisa Werner. All evidence pertaining to this review can be shared upon schedule with the Seattle FBI.


Any thriving business model should control spending. Any model that begins to weaken or display spending in excess of income is a flawed model and should be changed right away in order to be successful. Business owners are most often in business to make money and see returns on the investment of time and material costs. The American tax payer is required to contribute and maintain the revenues that keep our infrastructure moving forward and maintained daily in addition to all other demands. This tax revenue is also essential and requires the same level of fiscal stewardship as any healthy growing business model. I will make this model our daily practice globally.  






We have heard the term "tough on terror" this was a strong term during the fight following 911 against al- Qaeda and its move to strengthen sharia and lead a global jihad to build the caliphate in Iraq. Today, we are faced with less of a threat from al -Qaeda but now we are faced with al-shabaab and the ISIS (The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). In both terror organizations the common thread is to inflict fear in all Christians or anyone that does not prescribe to its sharia law and dysfunction.


I will ensure that our national defense has trained the best and brightest to lead missions to remove these threats and keep our missions covert as they were meant to be. Cell phone technology is a real threat as the digital interception devices have become so easy to get by most anyone.


Currently, the Department of Homeland Security has a serious problem with the state of controlling funding by the terror organizations. There are known terror training organizations in the United States and the police departments cannot shut them down without probable cause. The risks of letting the problems resolve on there own has proven to be flaws in reasoning and the consequences have proven fatal against our own citizens.


I will shut off the conduit of funding from sources like the marijuana grow homes that are the potential and likely current source for funding these terror groups. Washigton state and Colorado have a great threat for future terror incidents based with the business models that are using single family homes to grow marijuana. The homes provide an ideal environment for controlling temperature and unhindered harvest cycles. The home owners usually live in another city and use the grow home exclusively for marijuana production. The grow home is undetected due to the theft of power as the power meters are bypassed. All revenue is tax free and undetected. 





Washington state will complete the directory of all marijuana grow houses in order to remove the crime from our neighborhoods. Help us complete the directory of all residential grow houses. Is your neighbor growing weed?



Crime & Safety · Marijuana Eradication

The Marijuana Eradication Program (MEP) is sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration and managed by the Washington State Patrol.

The emphasis of this program is to consolidate the efforts of federal, state, and local enforcement agencies to eradicate marijuana-growing operations within the state of Washington.

This program needs your assistance to be successful.

The MEP Hotline receives and monitors anonymous information from concerned citizens regarding marijuana-growing operations. This information is sent to an enforcement agency in the jurisdiction of the reported marijuana grow for action.



DEA  206-553-5443


Look For These Signs

The following signs may indicate the illegal growing of marijuana.

INDOOR . . .

  • Covered or blackened windows

  • Loud humming sound from fans or ballasts

  • Strong musty order

  • Large amounts of potting soil, containers, fertilizers, hoses, halide light systems, ballasts.

  • Use of guard dogs

  • Posted property

  • Security Systems

  • OUTDOOR . . .

  • Large purchases of fertilizer, garden hoses, PVC pipe, camouflage netting

  • "No Trespassing" or "Keep Out" signs

  • Guard Dogs

  • Unusual structure or items in remote forested areas; buckets, garden tools, fertilizer bags, etc.


Safety Do's And Don'ts

Marijuana growers can be DANGEROUS, so please leave investigations to Law Enforcement Officers.

DO . . .

  • Your best to know exact locations, address, or landmarks.

  • Make note of all vehicles (license plates) or persons in the area.

  • Do make note of any guard dogs or alarm systems.

  • Do call the Marijuana Eradication Hot Line at 1-800-388-GROW immediately (1-800-388-4769).

DON'T . . .

  • Don't enter an outdoor garden area.

  • Don't look around for additional plants or garden sites.

  • Don't return to the area.


Voice Messages After Hours

If you receive a voice message during your call, please ensure that you do the following:

  • Leave a voice message when prompted, speaking slowly and clearly.

For the tip to be successful, you must leave the exact address or directions to the grow site, the town where the marijuana grow is located, the growers name (if known), and why you feel that marijuana is being grown at that location.

  • Assign yourself a 6 digit number (any number of your choice with six digits) and verbally leave that 6 digit number during your phone message.


  • This program is not a crime victim assistance fund.

  • Please do not leave your name or information about yourself.

  • Remember the 6 digit number you had left during the voice mail AND the date that you had called the hotline, and do not give the 6 digit number out to anyone.

The next time that you contact us, you can give us that number and the date that you had called, and we can give you the status regarding the report that you had made.

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