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"Practice makes permanent and practice with all your might". These are the words coached repetitively by my college track coach, Frank Ahern. Coach Ahern was truly the greatest inspiration for reaching all athletes willing to devote the time it takes in the pursuit of excellence. 


It does not take much time to know when a prospective candidate is performing according to the coaching plan and staying on track with goals that are evaluated daily. 


One thing I have learned that is most valuable in all my experiences of my journey; it is true that the imperfections always show the greater value above the claims made by the perfectionists. Humbleness and humility is the equalizer and keeps honesty at the forefront. 






Every life has value and it will be my primary goal to protect the civil rights established by our founding fathers and mothers of this great nation.


Every life can contribute on varied levels and I will work with every ready willing and able person who wishes to make a difference to better this great nation of many. 


Why I am running for president? The answer is clear to advocate for many. This challenge is not unlike any other battle whereby it is essential to understand the benefits in the outcome. This challenge will benefit many.

Regis Costello






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