How do pole vaulters protect their poles?

We are current pole vaulters and coaches with over 50 years of study on pole vault safety (Rick Baggett,  John Winters, Regis Costello). We have developed an easy- to- carry cover for protecting and transporting pole vault poles.

The city of Kent, Washington has developed some of the best pole vaulters due to the fine coaching since the 1940s. Athletes learned to pole vault on a bamboo pole at Kent High School, class of 1947. They learned the technical skill from the Spalding book of pole vaulting before the sport was popular. Pole vault poles made from bamboo would occasionally break due to damage from improper storage. Today the equipment is made with material that offers greater strength and flexibility of fiberglass. However, these also break if not properly protected. Equipment safety is always a primary responsibility of the athlete and coach during practice or competition. Pole covers are essential to protect from accidental nicks from spikes or other various exposures. Ultimately, pole covers such as ours, will reduce the risk of damage to the equipment.